No fads. Just effective results. 

A personalised, highly effective, nutritional programme built for YOU. 

At Move Well we continue to be unashamedly bold in our approach. Like our exercise, nutrition requires consistency, patience and effort. 

Eat Well is so much more than a meal plan and weigh-in. It is an expert-led, small group  programme that empowers you to make the right choices, to feel able to say no, to know what makes you thrive and what makes you dive. 

Knowledge is Power.

 It all begins with our Eat Well guide where you will find everything you need to understand why you eat the way you do. This is not your average guide to nutrition.

It provides every detail you could need, based on science, psychology and years of experience. Combine this with weekly 1:1 and group-based video meetings, over-seen by your programme coach, and you are ready for something life changing. 

All you need to do is enrol below.

We don’t do quick fixes, we do lasting change. 

Are you ready to feel well? Then it’s time to Eat Well. 

Make a commitment to YOU in 2023. 

What you will get.

On acceptance into our 12 week progressive expert led programme:

Eat Well 

Discovery week including:
Initial private 1:1 consultation (assessments of your health, diet, lifestyle, family and medical history.)
In-depth dietary analysis
Structured goal setting.

12 week structured programme including weekly:
One to one private coaching
Consistent contact with your coach including;
Check ins (individual and optional group check ins) and tailored feedback with suggestions for the week ahead.

Exclusive access to our Eat Well Members club
Access to our evidence based, 60 page Eat Well Compendium.

Introductory price 


Eat Well Pro

Move Well’s personal concierge coaching. Working day by day with your nutritional coach, delving deep into your health. A highly bespoke approach to nutrition.






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