Lift: Why we do what we do.

Upper, lower, push, pull, an explanation of our strength training programming at Move Well gym.

Why do we split our Lift exercise sessions into specific body parts and movements? We find this method allows for long term sustainable progression.  You can work hard, recover, repeat.

 We combine all the classic strength training protocols to ensure you achieve progressive overload. We work at varying tempos, intensity, and volumes, all geared towards the goal of improving your performance.  Training cycles are typically 5 weeks long before a reset, where we start all over again.

Progressive overload refers to the continual increase in the total workload you do during training. It stimulates muscle growth and strength gain and let us not forget the benefit it gives to strengthening the bones too.

Splits (breaking training up by muscle group and movement) have been around since the golden age of bodybuilding. Why is it so popular? Quite simply, because it works!

We “split” our Lift programming into upper and lower body (typically the muscles at the front of the body and those at the back) and push and pull movements. Therefore push-upper would consist of pushing movements which use the pecs, triceps, and deltoid muscles. Pull-lower focuses on the glutes, hamstrings and lower back muscles using movements such as the deadlift.

 The top 5 benefits of our programming include:

  1. It works for everyone, from complete beginner to seasoned athlete.
  2. It is highly effective; you will see results.
  3. It includes plenty of recovery time so minimises the risk of injury.
  4. It’s measurable; we encourage you to record your progress.
  5. It’s fun!

 Our members at St Albans have seen amazing increases in their strength since joining Move Well as well as feeling more confident with lifts such as the squat and deadlift. Strength increase aids bone health, as mentioned as well as bulletproof the body against injury and age-related issues.

We encourage members to add separate Sweat and Move session to their training week to again get a more thorough workout in those key areas.

Fun, measurable, science-based training, all at Move Well! We are based at Willows Activity Farm, St Albans and we are coming soon to Northwood High Street.




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